7 Reasons Why I Prefer Affiliate Marketing

These days you see a lot of ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube from people that say that it is easy for you to make a lot of money by doing Dropshipping, Coaching, Amazon FBA etc. When you buy those expensive courses there is a chance you learn some really good stuff that can make you money in the long run. What happened when Covid entered our lives, is that a lot of those courses had problems because there were problems with the production of the products people promote.

My business flourished those months. Why? I had no physical products. I promote other peoples products in exchange for a commission when someone buys the thing I promote through my unique affiliate link. I am not even a helpdesk! And that is the first thing I love about Affiliate Marketing. Since you promote someone else’s product or service, you are not a helpdesk! I can go on vacation for 2 weeks and leave my phone and computer at home. So let me give you 7 reasons why I prefer Affiliate Marketing over others ways on how to make money online.

My top 7 reasons why I prefer Affiliate Marketing

  1. You are no helpdesk
  2. You don’t need to have storage
  3. People get their products at once since I only promote digital products and services